Domain prices increasing October 12, renew now!

As you may be aware, most registries have announced they are increasing prices by the maximum their contracts with ICANN will allow. We’ve finally received information about when and how this change will affect us.

On October 12th, our pricing for all the top-level domains we support will increase from $7.50/year to $7.99/year for all domain registrations, renewals, and transfers. All other pricing, including RespectMyPrivacy.COM, will remain the same.

It is possible to renew domains for multiple years (up to 10 total), so if you know you’re keeping your domain and you want to get those years at the best possible price, we urge you to renew before October 12th. You won’t lose any current registration on your domain; renewals will add right on to the end of the current expiration date.

The sky is not falling, and the world will definitely not end if you don’t renew your domains before the price increase, but I know a lot of our members like to optimize their costs down to the last penny of savings.


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  1. So wait, does this mean there\’s a general price going up for everyone? Or just you guys?
    (I get my domain from somewhere else, and have a frame forward to my sites. :P)

    The price increase affects all registrars. Whether or how they choose to pass it on is up to each individual registrar. Since our prices are cost-recovery, we naturally had to raise them when the cost increased. -jdw

    Comment by Steel Froggy — October 12, 2007 #

  2. I noticed on the registration site that it still says $7.50, and the Oct 12 date is long gone. Was there a reversal or did you forget to update it?

    Not sure what “registration site” you’re referring to. The $7.99 pricing on our site is correct. -jdw

    Subsequently found and fixed the $7.50 you were referring to. Thanks! -jdw

    Comment by A.B. Dada — October 22, 2007 #

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