We love our members. I have proof.

We received this in our inbox a bit ago. Somehow it made it past the spam filter, and we just couldn’t turn it away. It’s not “real” spam since they do appear to be a legitimate company, for some minimal definition of “legitimate.” But it absolutely was unsolicited commercial email, and we really would rather not have received it at our operational support address.
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Trying to help RegisterFly refugees

This ICANN link came across my desk today. We’ve been monitoring the situation with RegisterFly, hoping that they would pull it out, but this latest news isn’t too encouraging.

For the rest of March, we’re going to offer RegisterFly refugees looking to get away a break: $6.75 per domain transfers (a 10% reduction from our usual price) for .com, .net, .org, .info, and .biz.
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