A lot faster for a lot less money? Who wants that?

We are now officially soliciting beta testers for our new high-capacity high-volume service for static content. It has just gone live and it is not just fast, it is insanely fast. We’re talking ludicrous speed here, people! An experimental download was just clocked at 43 megabytes per second, but real-world downloads will probably be constrained by the size of off-network pipes.

Final pricing for this service has not been established, but it will be available for a small flat daily fee and with a massive discount over our current per-gigabyte pricing.

If you are a current member and you have large, static content like music, videos, or file downloads, and you use 10+ GB of bandwidth per month, you are eligible for this beta. Submit a secure support request for more information. (You’re also eligible if you use less bandwidth, but since the service is highly optimized for bulk use, so is the pricing, meaning it may increase your costs rather than decrease them. Even so, you’d still enjoy the massive speed boost.)

Dynamic content (PHP, CGI, etc.) is not eligible for this new service. However, if you can segregate your static content into a subdirectory, one site can use both services at the same time!

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  1. I eagerly await NearlyFreeSpeech: The Breakfast Cereal and NearlyFreeSpeech: The Flamethrower!

    Comment by Douglas Muth — February 23, 2007 #

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