Where do we go from here?

We need your help! We have some great ideas about how to make our service better. In fact, we have a lot of great ideas about how to make our service better. On top of that, our members often give us even more great ideas!

So what’s the problem? Well, we’ve got so many great ideas that we simply don’t have time to do them all. But how do we know which ones are the best? That’s where you come in! We’ve added an all new Feature Voting panel. You can now vote directly on proposals for new features, and we’ll take your advice and prioritize based on what you tell us is most important!

You can only vote for one proposal at a time, but you can clear or change your vote any time you want. Your vote will be automatically cleared if the proposal you vote on gets implemented. You can also comment on proposals if something is unclear or you have a way to make the idea even better. (But only stuff in the body of the proposal “counts” … we’ll modify it if we agree with a suggested change.)

To get it started, we’ve thrown in a dozen of our favorite ideas, but don’t miss the “Propose a New Feature” action on that page if you’ve got a great idea that’s not on the list.


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  1. I love NFS so much that I am happy with what I use it for which is simple website and domain hosting. I don’t even use MySQL anymore. I would be happy for NFS to put their effort into maintaining performance, keeping prices low and lasting forever! If it was not for NFS I would find it hard to justify having a website and doing sites for others with great hosting to back me up.

    I believe that a company like ours is always either getting better or getting worse; there is no status quo or “good enough.” Constant improvement is the only way for us to maintain performance, keep prices low, and last forever. -jdw

    Comment by Justin Tuijl — January 11, 2007 #

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Is the Feature Voting system all home-brewed?

    The feature voting system backends into our issue-tracking system and reuses quite a bit of code from there. -jdw

    Comment by Pat — January 12, 2007 #

  3. Great system – I think a “I would pay x to have this happen” button beside voting would be a good indicator of how desperately people want it (how many people on the 2c trial will vote if there is no cost to it???). Presumably x would then be deducted from your account until you reverse your vote is reversed or the feature is implemented.

    Only full, paid members are eligible to vote. Beyond that, we’ll try it as a straight-up democracy for awhile and see how it works. -jdw

    Comment by mojo — January 16, 2007 #

  4. Please don’t submit proposals here, we’ll have to delete them. Instead, use the new “Propose a New Feature” action on the feature voting panel.

    Comment by jdw — January 20, 2007 #

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