AWstats bugfix and domain UI improvements

We’ve fixed a long-standing bug with our nfsn-awstats script that caused it to ignore your access_log.old file if you didn’t check your statistics at least once per update cycle, and occasionally even if you did.

We’ve never been able to reproduce the problem before, but we finally hit it right here on this very blog, which runs on the same hosting cluster and using the same stats tool as we provide to our members. Once we had a way to see the bug in action, it was easy to find and fix the problem. Now, as long as you check your stats at least once every other rotation, you should never miss data.

We’ve also introduced another AWstats tool, nfsn-awstats-rebuild. You should never need this tool in ordinary usage, but if you’ve missed data and you want to get it back, it might help. nfsn-awstats-rebuild can be run from ssh, where it will destroy all your awstats data and attempt to rebuild it from all your access_log files, including access_log.old and even any archived/compressed versions. Be aware that this script only works with the new-style access_log.20061130.bz2-style names that we’ve been using for archived logs for the past few months. If you’ve got older files in the access_log.3.bz2 format, you might get unpredictable results.

In other news, the Domains tab in our member interface has been given a bit of an overhaul to better serve members who manage a lot of domains. Not only does it load much faster with lots of domains, it will now split up long lists into multiple pages. If the multiple-pages format works out, look for it to pop up for people with long lists of sites as well in the near future.

As an added bonus, the “Aliases” column on the Domains tab now shows not just “Yes” when aliases exist, but how many there are as well. For example “Yes (2)” indicates that a domain has two aliases.

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